Druva Acquires sfApex

Druva Acquires sfApex

Texas Salesforce developer tool and data migration service provider sfApex has been acquired by California software company Druva.

The acquisition, carried out to bolster Salesforce data protection and governance, was announced on November 17.

The deal will allow Druva to offer customers an integrated solution that combines advanced data protection with sandbox management and data governance, delivered via a cloud-native SaaS platform.

SaaS-based CRM Salesforce discontinued its own recovery feature in July of this year. The new combination of Druva and sfApex says it will deliver comprehensive SaaS data protection and management for Salesforce with granular backup and data recovery as well as streamlined and automated migrations and improved tools for developers. 

“Salesforce is critical to every organization: the data stored within it fuels growth, ensures strong customer relationships, and helps identify opportunities to expand relationships,” said Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO, Druva. 

“Given its sensitivity and potential business impact, keeping this data available and compliant is a business critical function.”

Singh said that by welcoming sfApex into the family, Druva will ensure that Salesforce customers never have to “worry about the lights going out.” 

In addition to enhanced backup and recovery for Salesforce data, customers are set to benefit from data protection and governance support for Salesforce sandboxes. The integrated solution aims to make it easier for customers to manage CRM data effectively, reducing risk to production environments.

Druva said that users will be able to accelerate Salesforce developer cycles by up to 40% thanks to automated testing and developer sandbox creation and the ability to mask existing data in order to remain compliant with privacy requirements. 

Kashyap Patel, one of the founders of sfApex, has joined Druva as senior director of product management. 

“After years as a developer on Salesforce, in 2012 my co-founders and I recognized an opportunity to improve the platform’s data protection and governance for sandbox environments,” said Patel.

“Since then, the power of Salesforce data has only grown, and we are incredibly excited to join the Druva family and expand these capabilities even further. 

“Combining the strengths of sfApex with Druva’s extensive resources and industry leadership, we are committed to bringing a best-in-class experience and innovations to protect Salesforce customers’ most critical data.”

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Druva Acquires sfApex

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