Checkers and Rally's Victims of Data Breach

Checkers and Rally’s Victims of Data Breach

On Wednesday, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants alerted customers that it had been dealing with a data security issue involving “malware at certain locations.”

On its website, the restaurant group announced that after discovering the issue, it “engaged leading data security experts to conduct an extensive investigation.” Federal law enforcement authorities have also been informed in order to address the matter, with all parties working to contain and remove the malware.

“After becoming aware of a potential issue, we retained data security experts to understand its nature and scope,” Checkers wrote on its website. “Based on the investigation, we determined that malware was installed on certain point-of-sale systems at some Checkers and Rally’s locations, which appears to have enabled an unauthorized party to obtain the payment card data of some guests.” According to the website, not all locations were affected by this issue.

The malware was reportedly designed to “collect information stored on the magnetic stripe of payment cards.” This included cardholder name, payment card number, card verification code and expiration date. Checkers has launched an investigation and is working with payment card companies to protect cardholders. 

The restaurant group has recommended that card users “remain vigilant” and review account statements. “If you believe there is an unauthorized charge on your card, please contact your financial institution or card issuer immediately,” the website states. 

Other recommendations include ordering a credit report: “When you receive your credit report, review it carefully,” the website continues. “Look for accounts you did not open, for names of creditors from whom you haven’t requested credit.” 

The law firm of Federman & Sherwood has initiated an investigation into the data breach.

Source: Infosecurity
Checkers and Rally’s Victims of Data Breach

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