New South Wales Announces New Cybersecurity Position

New South Wales Announces New Cybersecurity Position

In an attempt to centralize all of the cyber efforts and strategies of the state, New South Whales (NSW) has announced a new cybersecurity NSW office to be led by led by Tony Chapman, chief cybersecurity officer, according to a May 20 press release.

Chapman assumed the position today, which falls under the department of customer service, and wrote via LinkedIn, “The changes reflect the leadership and coordination role required to uplift cyber security and decision-making across NSW Government.

I am performing the functions previously undertaken by the NSW Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO), established in March 2017, with a renewed focus on securing digital transformation and the continual improvement of customer service outcomes.”

To enable digital transformation, a part of the overall vision of the new customer service cluster, the office will focus on improving cybersecurity capabilities and standards to include a coordinated cyber-incident response plan and develop strategic cyber-policy positions through a revitalized cybersecurity senior officers’ group (CSSOG), according to Chapman.

To see the vision of the new customer service cluster to its fruition, Chapman said he will work to strengthen ties across NSW’s government, other states’ governments and the federal government to establish cybersecurity best practices that will yield better results for citizens.

“A key component of the role will be driving a culture of risk management and awareness to support greater resilience to cyber security threats. Tony and his team will build on the digital transformation work occurring across the NSW government, ensuring our digital spaces are safeguarded against cyber threats,” said the state government’s chief information and digital officer, Greg Wells, in the press release.

“Cybersecurity NSW will continue its critical work enhancing whole-of-government cyber security capabilities and standards on behalf of NSW. It will also work more closely with the information and privacy commission on security, privacy and the availability of systems and services during the State’s digital transformation.”

Source: Infosecurity
New South Wales Announces New Cybersecurity Position